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Rohan Büchner
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I've been writing code since the late 90s, first as a childhood hobby, then transitioning it into my career.

I enjoy working in / with:

  • JavaScript (and all of its many tails)
  • .Net
  • AWS (including Infrastructure as Code)

Favourite IDEs:

  • Jetbrains anything
  • But can get by with VSCode in a pinch

When I'm not programming, you'll find me on:

  • SoundCloud: Where I post infrequently, expect random metal guitar outbursts.
  • Eve & Ro (YouTube): This is a channel where my wife & I post travel things.
  • Blog: Mainly tech related, but I mainly use it as a testbed to try new technologies. I have rebuilt this many times over. Currently it is NEXTJS based.
  • ZaTech (Slack): If you need to message me for any inquiries.
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