Requests to have a tag "burninated" (or deleted) from the system. Use in case of uncertainty when requesting discussion, or when the popularity of the tag makes manual retagging followed by automatic culling of 0-question tags prohibitively difficult.

In practice, burnination means editing every question individually, removing the tag and doing any other cleanup required. Moderators do not have any special tools for this purpose. The only folks who can summarily remove a tag are the SE developers (and maybe the Community Managers), but they seldom take that action themselves unless the tag is especially egregious.

Burnination of a tag originally started as a meme which was often associated with Trogdor the dragon burning the tags with fire. It stands for simple deletion of a tag. Burninating tags does not imply that they will be merged with another tag, synonymized with another tag, or blacklisted altogether.


Use this tag for requests to have the tag deleted from the system.

If your request is not to have the tag deleted, but to have it either merged or synonymized into another tag, use or (respectively).

If you are requesting that the tag be blacklisted as well as burninated, you should also include the tag on the question.

Before You Request Tag Deletion

If the tag has 0 question associated with it, do not submit a tag deletion request. Tags with no questions under them are automatically deleted by the system within 24 hours and no action on the moderator's part is required.

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