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Please create tag for [aws-ssm]

May we have a tag created for [aws-ssm]? I asked a question relating to AWS Systems Manager here, but I can't create a tag without enough reputation. Ansible to get AWS SSM Parameter Store and fail on ...
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Can we create tag [ipfs]?

I'm becoming more active in the community and that comes from being atm working with IPFS and some other devops/sysadmin tools. Generally speaking I see tasks related with IPFS in Ethereum community ...
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Should [cicd] only be used when a question includes both CI and CD explicitly?

I came across this question about a GitHub action in a monorepo and it was tagged with cicd and continuous-integration. Because it involves GitHub actions, it naturally involves CI but not necessarily ...
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Tag suggestion: webhook

I was surprised to find there isn't a webhook tag on the DevOps site. Is this something that should be added? A webhook tag could apply to many existing questions, including: Jenkins GitHub ...
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New tag request: binary repository manager

We talk about all possible DevOps tools using their product names but at least in the case of the Ivy/Artifactory/Nexus.. product family there is a term I find descriptive and neutral enough: A ...
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VSTS has been renamed to Azure Devops

The meta.SO has already addressed the proposed resolutions, but I think the outcome should be reflected here to avoid confusion.
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What tag should be used for tools that harden the platform like ChaosMonkey?

According to Wikipedia, ChoasMonkey is used to test resilience of IT infrastructure. What about creating a resilience or resilience-testing tag? Note: in the mean time this tag has been created and ...
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Can the Power-Shell tag be renamed to PowerShell?

Currently the most popular tag for PowerShell questions is [Power-Shell]. There's no reason for this to be hyphenated, the correct usage is PowerShell (camel cased). This would also align with how the ...
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What is our definition of Deployment?

Tensbai and I discussed this on chat already posting this here mainly to record the decision. The deployment tag uses the following definition of 'deployment': Use this tag for questions about ...
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Could someone create a `software recommendation` tag?

DevOps is about culture but is also about tools , I think this site needs to contains questions like "What devOps tools are available for ... ". Exemple from A software recommendation ...
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Could someone create a `docker-compose` tag?

The question at "Why is one not allowed to use a Boolean in a docker-compose.yml?" is about docker-compose but there is not such a tag.
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Should we allow or ban version tags?

The question about "Upgrade from job-dsl to Jenkins 2 pipelines" contains these tags: jenkins jenkins2 Even though jenkins2 does not have any tag details yet, I bet it has to do with some specific ...
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