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Can we create tag [ipfs]?

I'm becoming more active in the community and that comes from being atm working with IPFS and some other devops/sysadmin tools. Generally speaking I see tasks related with IPFS in Ethereum community ...
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Burninate [development-environment]

development-environment has no tag wiki and only 8 questions, none of which seem related to each other. Should we get rid of it? (I'm vaguely aware that burninations are generally requested for tags ...
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VSTS has been renamed to Azure Devops

The meta.SO has already addressed the proposed resolutions, but I think the outcome should be reflected here to avoid confusion.
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Please Add a VSO Tag

Should there be a tag for VSO. My organization exclusively uses the Microsoft stack and so I have questions I would like to tag with VSO to indicate that I'm using Visual Studio Online, as opposed to ...
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Could someone add k8s as a synonym of kubernetes?

I tried to add a synonym, but only admins are allowed to do that.
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Tag synonym request: container vs containers

I do not have enough rep in either containers or container to create a tag alias, but IMHO it would be needed, hence this request. If this gets agreement it would be worthy to get it done earlier ...
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Add an off-topic close reason for generic programming questions

Currently, when flagging or voting to close a question as off-topic, you see two options: This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While ...
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Can the Power-Shell tag be renamed to PowerShell?

Currently the most popular tag for PowerShell questions is [Power-Shell]. There's no reason for this to be hyphenated, the correct usage is PowerShell (camel cased). This would also align with how the ...
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1 answer

What tag style should we follow for AWS products/services?

As of now, both the aws-* and amazon-* version of the tags are synonyms for each other. So, which one of them should we have as the master? Do we want the aws-* style tag or the amazon-* style tag?...
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Could someone create a `software recommendation` tag?

DevOps is about culture but is also about tools , I think this site needs to contains questions like "What devOps tools are available for ... ". Exemple from A software recommendation ...
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Could someone create a `docker-compose` tag?

The question at "Why is one not allowed to use a Boolean in a docker-compose.yml?" is about docker-compose but there is not such a tag.
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AWS tag should be alias to amazon-web-services

There are two tags: aws and amazon-web-services. I think aws should be synonym of amazon-web-services (similar as on other sites). Is that right?
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Enable syntax highlighting

I'm trying to add some language hints for syntax highlighting to a post, but they don't appear to work. According to @JeremyBanks, syntax highlighting is not enabled on this site. On Stack Overflow, ...
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What should the name of our main chatroom be called?

Every Stack Exchange site (Not all) main chatroom has a unique name that is related to the main site itself. for Example: SuperUser: Root Acess Gaming: The Bridge IOT: Chat of Things Unix & ...