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Which are the Community Ads for DevOps.SE on other SE sites?

Many mature/graduated StackExchange (SE) meta sites allow posting Community Ads for promoting other SE sites (or site proposals) dedicated to more or less related subject matters. What is the (...
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3 answers

How to attract practitioners of DevOps as mature member candidates to bring their expertise to our DevOps SE site?

In a related DevOps SE Meta discussion, @Bruce Becker suggested: .. we might not have enough mature members yet to handle a lot more traffic, .. [] I do have the impression that practitioners of ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Help promote this site for Drupal related DevOps topics?

There is a question on meta.drupal.SE about "Community Promotion Ads - 2017". Here is one of the answers over there (disclosure: it's mine), to recommend devops.SE for Questions related to "DevOps ...
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Radical cultural change with strict adherence to tradition?

It completely surprises me, how a group of very strict StackExchange traditionalists, who want to adhere to every single rules to the letter, are trying to start a discussion about a radical cultural ...
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