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Defining site on-topic scope in help center?

Closing votes because "This question does not appear to be about DevOps, within the scope defined in the help center." are happening: But the What topics can I ask about here? page in the help center ...
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Do we need a question to define what is behind the term "DevOps"?

We have a bunch of point of view about what is DevOps. Some consider it's only about culture and organization, other use it as a generic term to encompass Agile/Lean/ methodology and process and some ...
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7 votes
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Dealing with too generic questions

First of all, the question linked below is just to illustrate my more general concerns. After this question Which plugin should I use to get started with Jenkins to manage mainframe components in PDS ...
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Is 'Develoment support' excluded from DevOps?

The Area 51 question at "On why having a DevOps q&a website would be useful for many" is, IMO, the reason-d'être (reason to exist) for DevOps.SE. Especially this passage in it is so true: ... ...
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So what topics can I ask about here?

There's a help page titled What topics can I ask about here? here. The page tells me: Not to ask questions that have already been asked That I can answer my own question That my question must be on ...
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Could existing SE sites help inspire what we might ask here?

I keep struggling (and trying) to better understand what kind of questions would be a good fit (on topic, scope, etc) for DevOps.SE (and I seem to notice from existing questions and comments from ...
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