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Are issues related to DevOps literature and educational materials on-topic on this site?

I reviewed the answers in the Help Center and didn’t notice any restrictions on literature, technical documentation, training materials or resources for training and professional growth in this area. ...
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Should "Is Docker right for my use case?" stay open?

The question I'm wondering about is this one. At first my feeling was that it was a real life practical case where there should be mostly 2 options, Yes or No, and actionnable points to back up the ...
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Is my question about continuous delivery for tvOS applications off-topic?

I'm starting development on a tvOS application and want to learn more about what continuous delivery options exist for tvOS. Unlike iOS, tvOS does not support enterprise distribution, so I cannot use ...
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Are questions on Developer Experience off-topic on DevOps?

Is Developer Experience (as related to the culture DevOps facet I suppose?) off-topic here? Examples: Would the strategy/methodology to qualify the level of Developer Experience significantly differ ...
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