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Questions tagged [feature-request]

You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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12 votes
1 answer

Enable syntax highlighting

I'm trying to add some language hints for syntax highlighting to a post, but they don't appear to work. According to @JeremyBanks, syntax highlighting is not enabled on this site. On Stack Overflow, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What kinds of question are on-topic here? (The Help Center is currently silent)

At the time of this writing, the /help/on-topic page for the main site seems to only contain cookie-cutter text about what other network sites might be suitable for questions that are off-topic here (...
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4 votes
1 answer

Add an off-topic close reason for generic programming questions

Currently, when flagging or voting to close a question as off-topic, you see two options: This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to close a question that is fully answerable with a single google search?

Some questions being asked could likely be answered with a quick google search, or just looking for the correct plugin. Is there a clear way we can mark a question to be closed while providing the ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Reputation # for closing questions

It seems that there is a slight problem with having the ability to close questions enabled to everyone starting from reputation 1. Since this is still a beta, and there are relatively few active ...
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